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rf tz/ r" Math Mini-Test solve each problem and pra "ffiround your answer. 'll 1. Solve for y and Q Sit-u7ctrv 2Q -3y = -12 2y-3Q=13 2. The vectors A and B are defined by: nA-:"nn A= zi-gj andB=-3i+7i F,5 + *_l FindG=3A-28 3. The functionf(t) is defined by f(t) = 4t3 + 5t2+ 7In t+ 3 sin(2t) 7vfrftr t r---.----.--.----\ tQ=_7 I \ ): f L l '\ -!-** :{-'--v*
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Unformatted text preview: *:^ lc;0t -'tJ Find the derivative f'(t) 4. Find the components Ax and Ay in terms of the length of the vectorA and the angle 0 as shown. 5. Consider the two right triangles show above. Right angles are marked. Find the f 'ft[ - ]>("+ l6t *; + 6 c'-'r (z() length w in terms of b and 0. el4;=r,,,0) ll\l= -A h)to )...
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