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Page 1 of 2 Litany for Kinematics Problems [©2004 RJ Bieniek] Learning proper methods for solving homework problems will lead to improved performance on exams. This Litany will cover one-dimensional kinematic techniques. The same procedures apply to solving higher-dimensionality problems (e.g., 2-D) along each axis. A fully worked example is given showing these techniques on the back of this sheet, with the relevant "suggestion" numbers below circled at the steps. You will find that following this procedure will rather assuredly lead you to a correct answer . Suggested Steps ("suggested" means "must" in Bieniek's Newspeak Dictionary ) 1. Draw a basic representative sketch of the physical situation. 2. Draw and appropriately label vectors for the relevant dynamical quantities (e.g., initial velocity v i and acceleration a ) that you are given in both initial and final states. If you do not know the direction of a particular vector, you may wish to put a small question mark next to it. These can be superimposed on the sketch if done clearly, with the vectors drawn
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litkinem[1] - Litany for Kinematics Problems [2004 RJ...

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