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Hour Exam #2 Fall2009 PHYS 180'002 *u^" ' '(t L'UT1 0 M october 26'2009 Forprob|emsmarkedosE,useofficia|StartingEquationsfor|u||credit' This Page /65 Points Total /200 1.[5points]Wouldyou|ike-]:starttheexamwithaneasyquestion?(A)yes(B)no AiVy (C) t,d rather fight a-moun[inlion bare-nani"oiir;i{ql"ttion like''for instance' "do t '' ' you have a puls-e?" (E) You callTHAT an easy question??? 2.|2opoints]AnobjectdriftinginouterSpace,veryfarfromtheneareststar,has. .. (A) Weight and mass (B)rye!sh!-!g!-!9 mass @,_ OMmZ_s and no welgnl iEi ruo chance of getting Laker tickets* 3.[20points]considerthefo||owingstatementsabo.utstaticfriction: l. tt is equat to tn"-.iltticient ot stuiic iiiction times the normal force' ,. lt points in trre"oiffiit"rir"rtion'il ir," other forces that it batances out' ,r. rt could be zero, but has un upp"Il*itiqr"r to th; Lo"ri.i"nt of static friction times the normalforce' (4) land ll onll f@ l) (C) lonly (D) ll onlY (E) lll onlY
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F2009_Hr_Ex_2_sol[1] - PHYS180'002 Fall2009 HourExam#2...

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