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E XPERT T ECHNIQUE FOR S OLVING P ROBLEMS IN I NTRODUCTORY P HYSICS The following expert technique for in-class Exercises and Exams will develop your personal power and insight to solve problems presented to you on homework, quizzes, exercises, or exams. 1. A full appropriate diagram or physical sketch must appear as the starting point of your solution. 2. In any derivation, your mathematics must begin with a correct rendition of an equation in the list of Official Starting Equations ( OSEs ). (However, this need not be followed for purely mathematical problems, such as those dealing solely with graphing or trigonometry.) 3. During steps of a derivation after the OSE , a physical quantity must eventually appear as an algebraic symbol representing a magnitude, e.g. distance d , height h , initial speed v i , launch angle θ , and free-fall acceleration magnitude g . For instance, substitute (– v i cos θ ) for v ix just after it first appears in an OSE , but keep v i cos θ through to the end before evaluating numerically.
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