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Vocabulary Toefl 1 - 1 VOCABULARY TOEFL(1 1/Annals(n record...

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1 VOCABULARY TOEFL (1) 1/ A nnals (n): record of events, historical records Ex: The annals of the organization are kept in notebooks. 2/Agnostic (n): one who believes that any ultimate reality is unknowable Ex: John is unsure of the reality of god and consider himself to be an agnostic. 3/Amorous (a): loving Ex: The actor played an amorous role. 4/Animate (v): to give spirit or support, to supply movement Ex: The artist animated the cartoon. 5/Augment (v): to increase, to add to Ex: He had to augment his salary by taking another job. 6/ B ibliography (n): a list of written works Ex: Olaf listed a brief bibliography at the end of his paper. 7/ C orporate (a): formed into a body or association, united in one group Ex: The corporate structure allowed many people to work as a group. 8/Categorize (v): to place things in classes or sets, to classify Ex: The professor asked her students to categorize the plants they found. 9/Continue (v): to keep going, to remain Ex: The movie is scheduled to continue until midnight. 10/Collect (v): to gather, to bring together Ex: The little girl collected wildflowers for her mother. 11/Credulous (a): too ready to believe Ex: The credulous child believed the story about flying horses. 12/ D ictate (v): to speak for a person to record, to issue an order Ex: The lawyer dictated the letter to her secretary. 13/Deduce (v): to make a decision or draw a conclusion by reasoning Ex: I deduced from the trail of crumbs and the empty milk carton that the children were home. 14/Despise (v): to hate, to look down on Ex: Marguerite despises people who are cruel to animals. 15/Depict (v): to portray, to represent Ex: In the movie the character was depicted as evil. 16/Doctor (n): a person who has received the highest degree a university offers, a physician Ex: Andre is going to medical school so that he can be a doctor like his mother. 17/ E ffigy (n): a figure representing a disliked person Ex: the children made an effigy of their nasty neighbor. 18/Exceed (v): to go beyond a limit, to be greater than Ex: The driver exceeded the speed limit by ten miles an hour. 19/Excursion (n): a trip Ex: The father planned an excursion to the zoo for his children. 20/ F actory (n): a place where things are made or built
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2 Ex: There is a boat factory near the river. 21/Fiction (n): something produce from imagination, an invented story Ex: The excuse Marvin just gave for not doing his homework is pure fiction. 22/Fantasy (n): a creation of the imagination that cannot be real, a daydream Ex: When Henry was a child he had a fantasy about playing football for Barcelona. 23/Fluid (a): cappaple of flowing, a smooth style, liquid Ex: The ink my new pen is quite fluid and flows evenly across the page. 24/Frail
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Vocabulary Toefl 1 - 1 VOCABULARY TOEFL(1 1/Annals(n record...

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