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Unformatted text preview: E] Chapter 1 Self-Quiz My Notes 1 Previous Next Up Top Index 1. {American crrminal )ustice consrsts of three main agencies, which are tisted betow. which of the fottowrng IS NOT one of those three main agencies? 6) A) Courts G B) PoErce Q C) Prisons ”33 D) Corrections J 7. A suspect becomes a defendant after: Q A) charges have been fried. E? E) arrest. E) C) an intormatwn has been made. © D) a complaint has been made. J 3. About _ot crrmrriat defendants pEead guilty to the charges against them, in an arrangement called plea bargaining. 6 A) 5 percent 6 E) 50 percent Q C) 95 percent ('3 D) 40 percent ya. Mn) _ outiines the format charge or charges, the few or ans that have been viotated, and the evidence to support the charge or charges. 5‘) A) comptarnt © B) ordinance violation (‘3 (2) grand jury indictment Q B) information f 5. fidefendants are not satisfied with the outcome of their triah, then they have the right to: Q A) appeat. 8 B) demand a retrrai. © C) request new counsel. 6 D) dectare a mistrial. J 6. which of the following are used to increase effiCienLy—rneaning speed and finatity—in the crime control mode-F? G A) appeais G B) plea bargains 6 C) bench triats 6 D) mistrials y 7. Defendants can appeal their comrctrons on legai grounds, and three examptes of legal grounds are trsted below. which of the foibowmg is not one of the tegat grounds ttsted in your tefibook'i C) A) Improper adm'Eisron of evidence at trral Q B) litegat search and se'zure © C) Mistaken interpretations of law 6) D) Defects in jury selection y 3. Your text names three typu of disturbances that received catis for potroe servrce in the Houston, Texas, police study. which of the followmg is not one of these types of disturbances? Q A) Violent disturbances G B) Gang disturbances 6') C) General disturbances ”33 D) Domestic disturbances J 9. On which of the fotlowirig doctrines is the due process nvodet based? 6 A) factual guitt Q E) legal guitt B C) presumptive guitt © D) Fegat innocence J 10. Because there is considerable conflict and confusion between different agencres of criminal justice, an accurate definition of American criminal justice may be to calt rt: Q A) a nonsystem. f) B) a system. ('5 C) smoothly operating. 9 D) extremely uniform. ...
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