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Chapter 1 Lecture Notes - Chapter 1 Lecture Notes Chapter 1...

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Chapter 1 Lecture Notes Chapter 1 focuses on the United States and crime as a measure of social control. A major focus of this chapter rests with the mass media (print, broadcast, and internet) and the direct impact such media plays in the perception of the public. We will then turn our attention to societal norms and mores, and the roles each has in setting our acceptable, social agenda as to what is, and is not, criminal behavior. The overview of the system will be discussed along with the two major models of criminal justice: crime control versus due process. Sensationalism and the media and the impact this has on the perception the public has regarding crime. Societal behavior and the issue of mores and norms and how these impact behaviors that are viewed as criminal and not criminal. The introduction of legal terms such as jurisdiction, misdemeanor and felony and how these are distinguished. The overview of the criminal justice system as a whole focusing on law enforcement, the courts and corrections and distinguishing between each.
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