Experiment#1 Physics

Experiment#1 Physics - Figure: 1 Ball Randy ent is in the...

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Figure: 1 Fixed point Ball ent is in the fact that Time in (n cycles) and Length are directly proportional. d of the Pendulum per Cycle and Length of 100 cm o ints used to calculate Standard Deviation Randy Brackins Experiment #1 Date of Experiment: 08/30/09 Date of Submission: 09/03/09 Team Members: Sean Blood, Mary Stewert Experiment #1 Simple Pendulum Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to find the Period of the pendulum by measuring collecting data with different weights, sizes and experimenting with different cycles. The experiment also deals with variability in a measurement and how to express it. Apparatus: Pendulum, Meter Stick, Lab Stand, Computer, Motion Sensor and Data Studio.
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Method: In this lab, pendulum motion was investigated. When the mas s of the pendulum is moved slightly to one side it moves back and forth in a periodic motion, which is called “ harmonic motion ”. In this lab we will measure the period of the pendulum. The period is defined as the time it takes for one complete swing of the pendulum. It can be measured by starting from any arbitrary point and ending at that same point. Our
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Experiment#1 Physics - Figure: 1 Ball Randy ent is in the...

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