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Experiment#2 Physics

Experiment#2 Physics - f M easur ed For ce Ver sus Applied...

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of Measured Force Versus Applied Force Randy Brackins Experiment #2 Date of Experiment: 09/03/09 Date of Submission: 09/10/09 Experiment # 2 Inclined Plane and Resolution of Force Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to measure the forces needed to hold the object rolling down an inclined plane and to compare the experimental data with the theoretically predicted force. The force sensor used by Data Studio was used to compare the data experimentally with the predicted data calculated with the force formula. Apparatus: Dynamic Cart, track, Lab stand Masses, Meter Stick, Ruler, Balance, Force Sensor and Computer with Data Studio. Method: In the first part , measure known mass and the force using Data Studio. In the second part, incline the plane and measure the force it takes to keep the cart from rolling down the plane. The incline plane was placed at different degrees of angle to calculate the force. The different degrees of angles used were 10, 15, and 20 degrees.
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Data: Part 1 Force Sensor Added Mass (grams) 100 200 500
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