Lecture 1 History of Neuroscience blanked out

Lecture 1 History of Neuroscience blanked out - History of...

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Sheet1 Page 1 History of Neuroscience Chapter 1 Evidence of prehistoric brain surgery made intentionally, and not aimed to kill, dating back _________ years some show no signs of healing. Peru female. Unhealed trepanation Peru male. Partly healed trepanation t Ancient Egypt h The _______, and not the brain, was generally considered the center of the intellect and emotions the brain was discarded while the heart was carefullypreserved Egypt show that they were well aware of many symptomsof brain damage The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus based on texts from 3000 B.C. histories, describing how to treat and diagnose injuries to the head and spinal cord involvement of superstition i Heart vs. Brain h h Archeologists have founds skulls with holes h Many show extensive healing of the bone, but h Some skulls also show signs of other fractures. h Several methods were used to open skull h When body of a dead person was prepared for afterlife, h However, written documents from physicians in ancient h Written in 1700 B.C., but h Iths a compilation of 48 case h Treatment is rational without
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Sheet1 Page 2 The idea that the heart is the center for emotions turns up in many civilizations. h We are still influenced by this today when the heart is used as a symbol for love h The origin of this may be the fact that the autonomic nervous system is activated by strong emotions, resulting in increased heart rate and more forceful contractions of the heart h Dr. Helen Fisher, professor of anthropology at Rutgers University has made brain scan images of people in love to look at which areas of the brain is involved in ________________ you Should be I Dr. Fisher analyzed fMRI images of college
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Lecture 1 History of Neuroscience blanked out - History of...

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