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Cost Volume Profit Formulas

Cost Volume Profit Formulas - BEP in Total Sales Dollars =...

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Cost Volume Profit Formulas Mixed Costs : Y = a + bx Contribution Margin*: Contribution Margin Ratio = Contribution Margin Sales Contribution Margin Ratio/Unit = Unit Contribution Margin Unit Selling Price *Contribution Margin = Sales - Variable Costs Breakeven Point (BEP) : BEP = Sales - Variable Expenses - Fixed Expenses Or Sales = Variable Expenses + Fixed Expenses + Profit BEP in Units = Fixed Expenses . Unit Contribution Margin
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Unformatted text preview: BEP in Total Sales Dollars = Fixed Expenses . Contribution Margin Ratio Cost Volume Profit (CVP) : Target Profit = (Sales – Variable Expenses) - Fixed Exp. Unit Sales to Attain = Fixed Expense + Target Profit Target Profit Unit Contribution Margin Margin of Safety = Total Sales - BEP Sales Degree of Operating Leverage = Contribution Margin Net Operating Income...
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