Lecture2 - Christie Hua 1/6/10 EACS4A...

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Christie Hua 1/6/10 EACS4A https://sites.google.com/site/eacs4aw10/ missing first 30 pages of reader? LECTURE 2 – ANCESTORS, DIVINATION, SHAMANS AND THE AFTERLIFE IN EARLY CHINA 1. Royal ancestors, divination, ritual bronze vessels in ancient China (Shang dynasty 18 th – 11 th c. BCE and Zhou dynasty 11 th -5 th c. BCE) 2. Han dynasty tomb objects (2 nd c. BCE – 2 nd c. CE) 3. First Emperor’s tomb (d. 210 BCE) When we look at China at the earliest historical moment, orientation to ancestors (deceased royal ancestors) I. “Monuments” = ritual bronze vessels that contained sacrificial foods offered to deceased royal ancestors II. earliest Chinese religion, concept of knowledge, material culture, art (royal sacrifices and divination) a. Shang dynasty (18 th -11 th c. BCE) b. Zhou dynasty (11 th –5 th ) i. Oracle bones 1. tortoise bones ii. Bronze sacrificial vessels iii. Found in royal tombs 1. deep underground III. ritual or sacrificial bronze vessels: the scale of production (K.C. Chang in Course reader pp 20 –23) a. bronze ores almost mined dry b. why does possession of Nine Tripods give ruler legitimacy? i.
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Lecture2 - Christie Hua 1/6/10 EACS4A...

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