Lecture9 - Christie Hua LECTURE 9 SCIENCE/TECH IN CHINA I...

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Christie Hua 2/10/10 LECTURE 9 – SCIENCE/TECH IN CHINA I. Joseph Needham II. Calling attention to China’s achievements in science and tech in pre-modern times a. For most of the past 2000 years, China was remarkably advanced i. This fact tends to be overlooked III. Topics today a. Sciences of the heavens i. Mathematics, astronomy, time measurement 1. great observers of the skies 2. Su Song’s astronomical clock, centuries ahead of anything that was in Europe at the time 3. China responsible for development of mechnical clock a. Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) and the Jesuits in China i. Valued for understanding of astrology, especially eclipses 1. chinese predicted eclipses to hour, jesuits predicted eclipses to minute b. Sciences of the earth i. Alechemy, chemistry, geomancy (where to put buildings/tombs), compass, surveying, cartography, mining 1. daoist fields of inquiry and their consequences 2. alchemy/chemistry leads to discovery of explosives, gun powder geomancy leads to discovery of magnetism and compass 3. advanced map of china’s rivers c. Botany, pharmacology, alchemy, medicine, yoga i. Knowledge of living things ii. Detailed drawings of plants iii. Medical variety iv. Medicinal uses of plants 1. illustration of lotus 2. way ahead of West in knowledge in plants in the 1200s a. knowledge not limited to few b. medical treatise around year 1100 i. medical handbook printed at government expense and distributed to populace 1. government looks after people v. yoga exercises to improve health d. Building/civil engineering
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i. Defensive walls, bridges, dikes, canals, irrigation systems,
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Lecture9 - Christie Hua LECTURE 9 SCIENCE/TECH IN CHINA I...

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