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EACS 4A 2.22.10: Confucian Ideals of the Samurai  Yamaga Soko, 1622-1685 “The Way of the Samurai” “The business of the samurai consists in reflecting on his own station in life…and  husband and wife.” (Reader, 382) The Ako Incident vs. “Chushingura” -Ako Incident, Ako Vendetta: 1701-1703 -“Chushingura”: the puppet play that put the Ako Incident on stage -First dramatization show 12 days after the 47  ronins  disemboweled themselves -Legends, embellished “true accounts”, puppet plays, kabuki, fiction, woodblock  prints -From the historian Miyazawa Seiichi’s term, Henry Smith discusses (in your article) “… the ‘capacity’ of Chushingura, the ability of a single story to root itself in the national 
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Unformatted text preview: psyche in a way that encompasses so many issues for so many audiences in so many media.” (1) 1848 Woodblock Print Series: “The Faithful Samurai” by Kuniyoshi-Series I: each of the 47 ronin are illustrated with text on their accomplishments and character-Series II: prints and stories of the “faithful hearts”, those close in some way to the 47 1868: 26 Samurai wives killed themselves so that their Samurai husband can fight without worrying about the family Counter Argument: in the domain of samurai only 47 of them are loyal with their ideals (47 out of hundreds). Even in 17 th century only 47 are loyal....
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