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EACS4A Midterm Review Sheet (W10) China IDs: The Analects Silk Road: stretched from Lanzhou to Rome; Han and later dynasties; trip took more than half a year; hazardous route; traded mostly with immediate neighbors; exported silk, lacquer, jewels; imported horses, medicine, animal Confucianism Taoism Legalism Huang Lao Daoism : Mawangdui is an archeological site, comprising three Han -era tombs, found near Changsha in modern Hunan Province (ancient state of Chu ). In December 1973, archeologists excavating "Tomb Number 3" (dated at 168 BCE) discovered an edifying trove of silk paintings and silk scrolls with manuscripts, charts, and maps. These polymathic texts discussed philosophy, politics, Traditional Chinese Medicine , Daoist yoga , Yin and Yang , and astronomy; ranging from the familiar ( Huangdi Neijing medical classic also attributed to the Yellow Emperor) to the unknown ( Book of Silk that lists three centuries of comet sightings). **low taxes, nonintervention, simplified legal codes, eight-legged essay : required balanced clauses, balanced pairs of characters, first officially written by Wang Ao; correlated with parallel syntax of legs of examination essay, exam-takers were cognitively locked into the format, stylized format made it easier for examiners to grade oracle bones First Emperor of Qin The Nine Sacrificial Urns : Almost always in possession in king; Food-containing vessels with 3 legs The Ru empire of writing Han Wudi: emperor starting in 141 BC; reestablished government menopolies; aggressively expanded Chinese borders; had canal built in Yellow River dynastic cycle : interpreted as Mandate of Heaven; starts with internal wars that eventually lead to military unification of China; this is proof that heaven has given mandate to rule; first ruler restores order; then cycle curves downward; corruption and intrigues develop at court; public works fall into disrepair; rebellions break out; dynasty collapses Laozi/Dao de jing : philosopher in 6 th century Confucian Classics Japan IDs: Onnagata : male actors who impersonate women in Japanese kabuki theatre, occurred in 1600s
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Waka : 31-syllable Japanese poem; used from eight to 19 th century; grouped to pattern of five ku; distinguished rhythmic patterns; passed syntactically as two simple sentences; lyrical observations; sheer
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MidtermReviewSheet1 - EACS4A Midterm Review Sheet (W10)...

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