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3/16/10 EACS 4A FINAL REVIEW SHEET Ids – who, what, when, why it’s significant, where Slender gold calligraphy style – Emperor Huizong, song dynasty, (1100- 1125) Slender gold calligraphy style  extremely slender, intense, strong,  elegant and forceful  extremely distinctive style Imperial decrees carved on steelies thousands of steelies made, really disciplined, self control, not afraid to be different Woman Wang – 17 th century court case: What does this case tell us about late imperial chinese society and the lives of women in it? a. The constraints under which women lived i. Cannot initiate divorce unless crime has been committed ii. Difficult to be single and retain respectability (except as a nun) iii. Almost impossible to be economically viable if single women also live under more demanding expectations than men do -case in which woman ran off with another man and left her husband, but this other man left her, so she fled to a temple. Eventually the temple kicked her out so she went back to her husband. But her husband strangled her to death and tried to pinpoint the death on another man. The other man said he was innocent and the judge figured everything out. But the man had a very light punishment Matteo Ricci - 1552 – 1610; Italian Jesuit priest, and one of the founding figures of the Jesuit China Mission , as it existed in the 17th-18th centuries… significant because he was one of the first westerners in China, and he was readily accepted by the emperor because of his knowledge of astronomy; chinese predicted eclipses to hour, jesuits predicted eclipses to minute Xuan Zang - the foremost Chinese Buddhist of the 7th Century. 602/603? - 664 CE] was a famous Chinese Buddhist monk , scholar, traveler, and translator that brought up the interaction between China and India in the early Tang period. became famous for his seventeen year overland trip to India and back, which is recorded in detail in his autobiography and a biography, and provided the inspiration for the epic novel Journey to the West . Southeast the Peacock Flies -
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FinalReviewSheet - Christie Hua EACS 4A FINAL REVIEW SHEET...

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