lecture9 - Christie Hua LECTURE 8 I Nian rebellion a Not...

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Christie Hua 2/3/10 LECTURE 8 I. Nian rebellion a. Not enough rivers that can easily get irrigation b. If yellow river has flood people living alongside it will be affected II. Flood of the yellow river a. 1887 Yellow river flood in North China Plain caused estimated 900,000 – 2 million deaths b. beggars, bandits, smugglers c. salt smugglers d. are these activities normal? i. Rich landlords made agreement with bandits ii. Rely on bandits to protect themselves iii. Very complicated dynamic between the elite and the bandits iv. From the standpoint of the village itself, maybe the bandits are not such a badthing III. environent of rebellion a. north china plain b. flooding of yellow river c. subsistence strategies i. smuggling, begging, banditry ii. village community iii. state more concerned with Tai Ping at the time iv. nian tried to collaborate with tai ping v. nian forces organized themselves under five main banners 1. rebels can pick up what the rulers used to make their army stronger 2. accuse local authorities; never claimed themselves to be king (leader of nian) a. not directly challenging dynasty, just trying to get
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lecture9 - Christie Hua LECTURE 8 I Nian rebellion a Not...

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