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Christie Hua 4/28/09 LECTURE 8 – SLEEPWALKING LAND I. sleepwalking = near comatose a. ancestral run b. he understands the idiom for vallacua c. nation is traumatized; trying to make sense of experience i. how does war create nightmares? ii. That’s why we have this sleepwalking land 1. narrative form suits subject matter 2. social realist narrative a. need to understand people without labeling them b. complexities in broken relationships
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Unformatted text preview: i. mutual hatreds ii. displacement from war iii. when humans no longer quite exist 1. book chosen as one of the 12 most important books in the 20 th century (African literature) iv. dreamlike qualities fits the title and tramautic stage that the country is in 1. sense of alienation, disintegration 2. soulless nature of the event comes out II. The earth works lying down a....
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