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Christie Hua 4/30/09 LECTURE 10 – MIDTERM REVIEW -Section A/B = matching, multiple choice -Section C = choose a part -Section B and C are 40 points -Section A is 20 points BRING BLUE BOOK. I. QUESTION: What is oral tradition? Is oral tradition an obscure African tradition or a uniquely vibrant literary form? Oral tradition = uniquely vibrant forms of literature that embody African world views and transmit cultural views… also provide entertainment…. -transmitted orally -writer differs between written and oral text -brings up issue of cultural memory because it’s about a real-life war in Mozambique coming off the threads of independence -correspondence between oral form and written form however, we now found that the main character is forced to encounter fantasy elements… all these are ways to bring up psychic fragmentation because war is a fragile business. Didactic = things that are instructive refers to tendency of oral tradition to apply moral imperatives and enhance certain values II. Post-Colonialism a. after colonial times b. literary formation that occurred after colonialism a. about unraveling various effects b. cultural hybridities/identities i. gender ii. aspects of that III. Sleepwalking Land a. magical realism a. form created in South Africa to express realistic ideas with elements of fantasy b. cultural aspects of society i. mixes the wonders of the fantastic with the real b. negritude a. African pride that a lot of African writers share because they’re writing in their traditional languages i. Contest so-called origins in civilization
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ii. Conscious tradition that revises subjects and relationships to
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Lecture10MidtermReview - Christie Hua 4/30/09 LECTURE 10...

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