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Lecture19 - iii Were you silent when we died 1 they’re...

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Christie Hua 6/2/09 LECTURE 19 – HALF OF A YELLOW SUN I. exact correspondence a. author renarrates history thru his own eyes b. making some elements of the past legible i. set this within cultural framework ii. question relationship of narratives iii. what kind of relationship can we derive from reading the past? iv. Mix the past with fictional elements 1. history does not have some kind of eminent element 2. brings up two irreconcilable elements 3. for the historical novel lacks precision 4. novel about trauma a. what happens to society when it becomes traumatic? b. There are two histories i. History of the grandfather ii. History of the nation
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Were you silent when we died? 1. they’re the “other” II. Page 103 a. The first entry by “Ooh-ooh” i. Images of headless bodies ii. Mutilated iii. Father Marcel 1. taking advantage of the women 2. wanted relief 3. break vow of celibacy iv. Father Jude 1. complicit III. Not literary memoir a. Has love stories, sibling rivalries b. Not really war story, but about relationships that are influenced by war c. Things may have been brewing in the past, but ppl may not have been listening d. Use material of history e. How it is repressed in the dominant material of nations...
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