GlobalStudiesReviewMidterm1 - GLOBAL STUDIES 2 REVIEW...

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Unformatted text preview: GLOBAL STUDIES 2 REVIEW MIDTERM 1 4/21/09 50 questions, multiple choice 6 extra credit questions bring pink scantron sheet-Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo-some of the questions will have the authors name and the article name I. procedural = free will of people to have an election II. nation-state = national economic zone a. ex. Northern and southern Italy III. Region state = its own economic source of revenue a. Not defined by national boundaries; are their own economic powerhouses IV. SAP = Structural Adjustment Program a. World Bank, IMF i. Gave aid to African countries on 3 conditions 1. opening up free trade 2. lowering domestic spending V. World-systems perspective a. Pre-cursors to world framework VI. New trans-governments versus global nationalism a. Anne Marie Slaughter the new medievalism i. When power is derived via networks, not traditional authority 1. drug-trade, tariffs network (Al Qaeda), humanitarian NGOs 2. up-down vertical forms of power structures...
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GlobalStudiesReviewMidterm1 - GLOBAL STUDIES 2 REVIEW...

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