Lecture12 - Christie Hua LECTURE 12 THE ROOT CAUSES...

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Christie Hua 5/13/09 LECTURE 12 – THE ROOT CAUSES: POPULATION, CONSUMPTION, AND TECHNOLOGY: SOCIOECONOMIC SYSTEM? I. Santa Barbara Oil Spill a. 1969 – one of early events to start environmentalist movement i. very wealthy community ii. wealthy ppl galvanized around an issue II. Globalization of science a. Understanding scientific processes b. Government institutions looking at this III. According to Professor Nielsen, modern economics and social sciences do not focus enough on a. History b. Psychology c. Ecology IV. Rachel Carson – Silent Spring a. Writer, scientist, and ecologist i. Disturbed by the use of synthetic pesticides after WWII, Carson warned the public about the long-term effects of misuing pesticides 1. attacked by chemical industry 2. dubbed alarmist 3. testified before Congress in 1963 a. called for new policies to protect human health/environment b. died in 1964 b/c of breast cancer V. Club of Rome a. Formed when small int’l group of ppl from fields of academica, society, diplomacy, industry… met at villa in Rome b. Composed of “scientists, economists, heads of state…” VI. Limits to Growth (1972) a. wrong graph b. predicted population would crash c. we are running of materials and depleting finite resources d. emerging food and water scarcity e. emerging energy scarcity i. before big oil crises were happening VII. Paul and Anne Ehrlich
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a. Famous ecologist couple who advanced a radical approach to understand environmental degradation b. Study professionally butterfly populations i. Population ii. Degree of affluence/consumption of capita iii. Technological sophistication 1. environ. Books don’t predict future very well a. use standard models of economic growth b. don’t take into account political/economic change i. these influence how resources are used/distributed VIII. I = PAT a. Population * affluence * technology IX. North-South Debate a. Overconsumption vs. overpopulation i. North consuming too many resources? 1.
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Lecture12 - Christie Hua LECTURE 12 THE ROOT CAUSES...

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