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Christie Hua 5/28/09 LECTURE 17: SE ASIA AND THE PACIFIC Vietnam Funan and Oc Eo Srivijaya (ca. 680 – 1280) Khmer Empire (ca. 800 –1440) Angkor Wat Lapita culture Polynesia ‘ohana ahupua’a heiau Kalaunuiohua (r. ca. 1480 – 1500 CE) Pi’ilani (r. ca. 1580 – 1600 CE) I. most of these things are in the textbook a. will be part of the final exam II. The spread of Austronesian speakers
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Unformatted text preview: a. Lapita culture, ca. 1500 – 500 BCE b. Several years after death of Buddha c. Specialize in long-distance voyaging i. Polynesian voyaging technology ii. Mary Kawena Pukui (1895 – 1986) iii. Samuel Kamakau (1815 – 1876) 1. Kalaniopu’u (1729 – 1782) 2. Kamehameha I (1758 – 1818) d. how does Hawaii differ in state-building? e....
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