Lecture9 - Christie Hua 4/30/09 LECTURE 9 THE ROMAN...

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Christie Hua 4/30/09 LECTURE 9 – THE ROMAN REPUBLIC Aeneas Etruscans Romulus and Remus Carthage Lucretia Res publica patron and client Consul paterfamilias Senate Early Republic (509-287) Middle Republic (287-133) Punic Wars Numidia Late Republic (133-31) philhellenism I. Setting up for comparison between Rome and China II. The World in 400 BCE a. India, Chinese warring states, Persian Empire, Mediterranean city-states, European chiefdoms III. Rome in popular culture a. Gladiator, Alexander the Great movies b. Rome = mirror of US i. Empire is given back to ppl ii. A lot of what we see about Rome is in pop culture 1. ppl can reflect in the US = urban society, agricultural basis, enormous disparities of wealth between rich and poor 2. for early Roman history, we have the problem of not having enough written texts IV. Are the stories of early Rome true? Doesn’t matter, it tells us more about the characters of the stories V. Vergil, Aeneid (1 st century BCE) a. Very dutiful/bound by tradition b. Aeneus c. “Pi-us” i. what do Romans do? Always the right thing ii. set of cultural standards/ideals for how Romans behave iii. how does it connect Roman history with history of Greek and near East? 1. Romans admired Greek history/culture VI. Romulus and Remus (April 21, 753 BCE) a. Founders of the city of Rome b. Fought in dispute
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c. Ab urbe condita (AUC) i. Roman calendar (“from the founding of the city”) VII. Rape of the Sabine women VIII. Heterogeneous ppl from the start a. Sabines and Romans essentially become friends even though Romans raped Sabine wives and married them IX. Cincinnatus a. After American revolution, ppl called themselves the society of Cincinnati X. Roman Values a. Mos maiorum = customs of our ancestors b. Document 20.1 – Cato the Elder i. Never put on a fancy cloak or spent money on food
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Lecture9 - Christie Hua 4/30/09 LECTURE 9 THE ROMAN...

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