Lecture11 - Christie Hua LECTURE 11 HAN CHINA Western China...

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Christie Hua 5/8/09 LECTURE 11 – HAN CHINA Western China China-an King Zheng of Qin (246-210 bce) Qin Shi Huangdi Liu Bang Han-wu Xian I. army a. diploma = 2 pieces of lead b. Roman Army and Romanization i. Roman frontiers 1. walls in middle of city b/c cities outgrew them 2. Romans decided to defend frontiers a. Army defended frontiers i. This was very psychological II. Eurasian contact and trade a. Rome b. Chang’an i. Trade routes 1. past Indian Ocean/Sri Lanka 2. could also go by land across central Asia a. get by Parthians b. document #25.i-iii c. accounts (foggy) of some sort of contact III. King Zheng of Qin a. Qin Shi Huangdi b. Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE) i. United old kingdoms ii. Created strong unified state iii. Augustus had to deal with senatorial state iv. Both had to create unified ruling ideology v. However, the Qin emperor did not have the same psychological skill 1. Augustus managed to create a dictatorship while creating an image of a republic 2. ppl didn’t like Qin
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a. people rebelled after son took over when Qin emperor died i. kingdom broke into numerous states again ii. China would have then returned to its condition of being several warring states IV. Liu Bang Han Gaozu (r. 202-195 BCE) a. Reestablish imperial system that’s based on status of the Qin i. Power based on merit and success as a ruler ii. Could be seen as a ruler of these former states iii. Through him, a new dynasty would be created V. Former/Western Han (201 BCE – 9 CE) a. Chang’an i. Combined efficiency of legalism with moral methods of Confucianism ii. First Qin emperor tried to be Legalist all the time 1. harsh punishments all the time 2. Han Gaozu realized you couldn’t do this a. You needed moral framework to justify your rule b. You needed to show that you were a just ruler c. Han ruler successfully integrated these two things d. They couldn’t have done what they did if they
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Lecture11 - Christie Hua LECTURE 11 HAN CHINA Western China...

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