Lecture13 - Christie Hua 5/13/09 LECTURE 13: DECLINE AND...

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Christie Hua 5/13/09 LECTURE 13: DECLINE AND FALL Jesus of Nazareth Celsus, The True word (2 nd c. CE) Sassanid/Sasanid Persians Diocletian Tetrarchy Constantine I I. The World in 400 CE a. Roman Empire b. Sassanids c. Gupta Empire d. Three Kingdoms e. Axum i. Parthians made transition to regular empire ii. Sassanids replaced Parthians 1. China’s enemies are pastoral nomads 2. China doesn’t face internal enemies the same way a. No interaction II. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776) a. By Edward Gibbon (1737 -1794) b. Happy period of 4-score years i. What happened to Rome? 1. barbarians 2. Christians 3. Rome didn’t actually collapsed; it changed? a. New field of historical investigation III. Global religions, 1 – 500 CE a. Rome b. Jerusalem c. Benares d. Chang’an i. Buddhism ii. Hinduisn iii. Zoroastrianism iv. Christianity IV. Teleological = directed toward an end or purpose a. We want to avoid teleological viewpoint
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i. Christianity was bound to become religion of the Roman empire? 1. we want to avoid this viewpoint that this religion was more familiar to us V. Romans and Jews a. Allowed Jews to go their own way b. Restive place; not the most prosperous/happiest place in the Roman empire i. Romans waged problem of facing on-/off-again insurgency VI. Jesus of Nazareth (ca. 4 BCE – 30 CE) a. One of many different people who were operating i. Followers = one sect of larger Jewish framework ii. Much in common with other prophets/religious figures of the time iii. Death symbolizes problem of Roman control 1. it was what happened after his death that would transform sect into major religion VII. Paul of Tarsas (ca. 10 – 67) a. (Gr.) christos: “anointed” Christians b. Jewish Revolt (66-70 CE) i. Bloody revolt ii. Takes Romans much effort to put revolt down iii. Ppl distinguish themselves more clearly from everybody else 1. certainly awareness of who these people were VIII. Celsus, The True Word (ca. 175 CE) a. Trying to figure out what ppl were thinking i. Written by Roman with traditional Roman perspective ii. Helpful to see development of religion from Roman perspective 1. what are his criticisms? 2.
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Lecture13 - Christie Hua 5/13/09 LECTURE 13: DECLINE AND...

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