Lecture15 - Christie Hua LECTURE 15 SUI AND TANG CHINA...

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Christie Hua 5/20/09 LECTURE 15: SUI AND TANG CHINA Three Kingdoms (220-589) Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Toba (Tuoba) nomads Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla Yamato kingdom (300 – 700 CE) Sui dynasty (589 – 607) Tang dynasty (618 – 906) Chang’an Telas River (751 CE) An Lushan rebellion I. Islam in Africa, 630 – 1300 a. Mecca, Axum b. Expansion from southern part of Mediterranean to central Asia c. Large dessert i. Muslim conquerors are no different than Romans ii. Caravans/merchants filter south along trade routes 1. eventually reach parts of western Africa d. Christian kingdoms – Axum i. Development of first complex state society ii. First western African kingdom 1. Islam filters through trade routes a. Also travels by sea e. Ghana (ca. 700 – 1200) i. Islam in east, south, and southeast Asia ii. Turks, ca. 1000 iii. By 1200, Islam is in India, although it never displaces Hinduism 1. reaches islands of southeast Asia, China a. Huaisheng mosque i. Guangzhou, China iv. Jakarta Cathedral (1901) 1. Istiqlal Mosque (1984) 2. Jakarta, Indonesia II. Manichaeanism, ca. 400- III. Nestorian Christianity, ca. 400 – IV. The World in 400 CE a. Sassanids, Three Kingdoms, Gupta Empire, Axum, Roman Empire b. Germanic peoples invading area of Rome
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i. China still in disarray V. Three Kingdoms (220-589) a. Period of disunity b. Much conflict i. Struggle, very difficult time for China ii. Large #’s of people move further down south iii. South becomes more prosperous than the North iv. Difficult period for China v. Kingdoms are trying to establish single unified rule 1. stronger and shared culture 2. Romanization was less strong a. Local identities in Roman empire b. Geography of China vs. geography of Mediterranean world c. Who do the Chinese face as their enemies? i.
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Lecture15 - Christie Hua LECTURE 15 SUI AND TANG CHINA...

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