Lecture16 - Christie Hua 5/26/09 LECTURE 16 AFRICA Sahara...

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Christie Hua 5/26/09 LECTURE 16 – AFRICA Sahara Nubia/Kush Nok culture Meroe Axum Numidia Jenne-jeno Ghana Ethiopia Mali I. Tang expansionism, 630 – 700 a. Battle of Talas River, 751 CE i. Put end to Chinese ideas of big central empire ii. First time you get major Mediterranean empire in direct contact with major east Asian empires 1. first time two empires had direct meeting with each other II. Tang literature and culture a. Period of great flourishing in trade and commerce b. Conscious attempt to portray face of the other c. Shows influence of contact along central Asian corridor i. Showed how it borrowed artistic influence from central Asia ii. Flowering of pottery as Chinese art form iii. Artistic production 1. great flowering of literature 2. golden age of Chinese poetry 3. A Lushan rebellion (755 – 763) III. from 750s onward, there are internal problems a. decentralization i. local lords no longer want to pay attention to central government ii. reliance on outside military forces iii. generals set themselves up for power iv. Tang dynasty begins sporadic forces of persecuting foreign religions 1. attacks on Buddhism and Christianity 2. The World in 950 CE a. Unified empire again collapses
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b. Chang’an and Baghdad i. The most sophisticated areas at the same time IV. Peopling the Earth – 100,000 – 10,000 BCE a. Modern humans all descend out of ppl who came from Africa b. All hunter-gatherers, not settled agriculturalists i. Agriculture, pastoralism, hunting, and gathering ii. Rise of agriculture in near East (8000 BCE) 1. reaches most of the world in 2000 BCE 2. many different varieties of agriculture in Africa a. mountain highlands b. lowlands c. generic agricultural rise in Africa d. pastoralism i. keeping of animals who are goats and cattle
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Lecture16 - Christie Hua 5/26/09 LECTURE 16 AFRICA Sahara...

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