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Christie Hua 6/2/09 LECTURE 18 – THE AMERICAS Mesoamerica Olmec Oaxaca Monte Alban Zapotec script Valley of Mexico Chinampa Maya Teotihuacan Tikal Andes Llama Tihuanaco I. FINAL EXAM a. Starts at 4:00, three hours b. Three different sections c. First section = 60 points i. Big overall thematic essay 1. we will give you themes a. how do empires develop? b. Difference between states and religion c. Rome and China 2. one big synthetic essay that brings in the entire class d. Second section = shorter identification questions i. key terms in each lecture ii. 40 points iii. identify what the thing is, explain its significance in the wider scope of world history e. third section = map section i. 10 points ii. major cities, rivers, areas iii. you can bring in one 8x11 sheet of paper with handwritten notes (both sides) 1. turn in notes with exam 2. bring two pens II. Oceania’s contributions a. Surfing
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i. He’e nalu III. Polynesian chiefdoms and monarchies, 1200 – 1800 CE a. Tonga, Hawaii, Rapa Nui, Aotearoa, Maori chiefdoms i. Rapa Nui = eastern island (easter island) 1. civilization collapsed 2. Rongorongo script IV. Early civilizations in the Americas i. How environment affects area ii. Great amount of diversity V. From Asia, 2000 BCE VI. Hunting and gathering a. Clovis spearpoint i. Very impressive, great hunters, very skilled 1. used resources of the land 2. gave them leisure, good diet 3. support more people in small place VII. Development of Agriculture, 4000 – 2000 BCE a. Mesoamerica b. Andes i. Up in highlands, there’s development of different type of agriculture ii. No horses/beasts of burden in south America 1. people power = most important force 2. not animal labor a. wheel doesn’t develop as means of pulling things in mesoAmerica b. early hunters so efficient that they may have killed everything that could have been beasts of burden c. you have pottery, agriculture, but no domestic beasts of burden VIII. The World in 2000 BCE a. Mesopotamia, China, Indus, Egypt b. Tacitus and Germania i. Makes early Mesoamericans similar with people from elsewhere ii. The two closest in development are China/Mesoamerica
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Lecture18 - Christie Hua LECTURE 18 THE AMERICAS...

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