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Approved Courses for Comparative Literature, Areas B & C Effective Fall 2007 AREA B Courses In English: Asian American St: 121 Asian American Autobiographies & Biographies 122 Asian American Fiction 125 Asian American Plays 128 Writings by Asian American Women 129 Representations of Asia in Asian American Narratives Black Studies: 127 Black Women Writers 130A Negritude & African Literature 130B French African Literature Chicana & Chicano Studies: 168GQ Minority Autobiography & US History 168I Latino Autobiography & History 180 Survey of Chicano Literature 181 The Chicano Novel 182 Contemporary Chicano/a Authors 183 Border Narrative 184A Chicana Writers Chinese: 110A Classics of Ancient China 110B The Great Age of Chinese Poetry 112A Major Movements in Modern Chinese Lit 115A Imagism, Haiku, & Chinese Poetry 132A Special Topics in Classical Chinese Poetry 139 Boundaries of the Self in Late Imperial Chinese Lit 158 The Problem of Love Classics: 102 Greek Tragedy in Translation 109 Viewing the Barbarian: Representations of Foreign Peoples in Greek Lit 120 Greek & Latin Lyric Poetry 125 Greek & Roman Historians in Translation 130 Comedy & Satire in Translation 171 Artifact & Text: Archaeology & Lit of Early Greece 175 Ancient Theories of Lit Comparative Literature: Any course in excess of those applied to UD Area A Dramatic Art (Now Theater & Dance): 160A-B-C-D-E-F (now 182A-M-N-MC-MD-RM), Dramatic Literature
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Economics: 128 Literature & Economics English: 101, 102, 103A-B, 104A-B, 105A-B-C, 113AA-ZZ, 114AA-ZZ, 115, 116A-B, 119, 119X, 120, 121, 122AA-ZZ, 122NE, 124, 126B-C, 128AA-ZZ, 129, 131AA-ZZ, 132AA-ZZ, 133AA-ZZ, 134AA-ZZ, 137A-B, 138C, 140, 144, 146AA-ZZ, 147AA-ZZ, 148AA-ZZ, 150, 151AA-ZZ, 152A, 157, 162, 165AA-ZZ, 169, 172, 179, 180, 182AA- ZZ, 183AA-ZZ, 184, 185, 186, 187AA-ZZ, 189, 190AA-ZZ, 191, 192, 193 Environmental Studies: 122NE Cultural Representations: Nature & the Environment 160 American Environmental Lit French: (course numbers will change effective Fall 2007) 153A Medieval Lit in Translation 153C Autobiography 153D (formerly 196X) Fantasy & the Fantastic 153E The Power of Negative Thinking: Sartre, Adorno, & Marcuse 153F (formerly 180X) Existentialist Lit in Translation 154A (formerly 146A) Voyages to the Unknown 154E (formerly 122X) The Holocaust in France
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CompLitApprovedCoursesAreaB - Approved Courses for...

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