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Christie Hua Experiment 3 Chem 1AL 10/15/09 DISCUSSION The purpose of this experiment was to determine the concentration and types of dissolved solids in tap water, ocean water, and deionized water. We also learned how to form precipitation reactions by combining different ionic compounds in water. The purpose of the test to analyze water by physical change was to determine how many dissolved solids and other contaminants were in tap water and ocean water. We did this by weighing a heated beaker and seeing how much it weighed after tap water was added. Afterward, we heated the water in order to allow it to evaporate. Then we weighed the beaker again to measure the amount of residue solute left after the evaporation. We then reheated it again to make sure the water was completely gone so that the ppm calculation result would be more accurate. The outcome was that salty ocean water had a much higher ppm amount than tap water. The ppm amount in the ocean water was in the 30-thousands (ex. 36830 and 32293
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