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Christie Hua FS 150 3/30/10 LECTURE 1 I. What is sex? II. What is love? 1. Puppy love, infatuation, etc. III. Kids talk about love IV. What is romance? V. How sexy is holding hands? 1. Holding hands is more intimate VI. Breaking down sex, love, romance desire 1. sexual acts 2. feelings 3. emotional commitment 4. relationships 5. sexual identities VII.What does it mean to speak of the social construction of sex, love, and romance? a. sex, love, and romance have a history 1. sex, love, and romance are different in different cultures 2. sex, love, and romance are shaped by gender, class, race, ethnicity, nation, ability, and other
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Unformatted text preview: differences VIII.Experience of sexual desire, love, and romance are not essential a. they are not innate 1. they are not the same cross-culturally 2. they are not the same transhistorically IX. Goals of course a. challenge conventional thinking about sex, love, romance 1. understand how sex, love, and romance are shaped by gender, class 2. provide understanding of how we've gotten where we are 3. and how we fit into the larger global picture...
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