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Pornucopia - B Gay porn earns about 1 billion dollars per...

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Christie Hua Film Studies 150 PG Penley ASSIGNMENT 2 List two or three things that you were surprised to learn in each of the six episodes of HBO's Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley . Also, did anything stand out to you as not clear or credible? 1. "Perky and Punctual" A. Katie Morgan, a porn star, only works ten days a month, and a good month’s pay for her is about $10,000. Usually she earns around $6000- 8000. B. The porn industry earns 30 million dollars in sales tax for California. C. Jenna Haze has fans from both prison and Harvard University. She seems unfazed by her prison fanmail. 2. "Women on Top" A. Danni Ashe was “Most Downloaded Woman” in the Guiness World Records. B. Americans spend 2 billion dollars a year on sex sites. C. The average porn star’s career lasts 18 months. D. 77% of online sex visitors are male. 3. "Same-Sex Sex" A. 80% of all porn titles have at least one girl-girl scene.
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Unformatted text preview: B. Gay porn earns about 1 billion dollars per year. C. Men can make as much as $3000 for a single gay sex scene. D. 25-50% of all gay porn actors are actually straight. 4. "The Business of Kink" A. Nearly 80% of all porn is produced in the San Fernando Valley. B. Fetish/specialty porn make up 10% of all porn. C. Porn featuring fat women is one of the three top-selling genres in the fringe market. 5. "Love and/or Sex" A. Evan Stone and Jessica Drake shared a girlfriend during 2002-2004. B. Jessica Drake had sex twice with Evan Stone before she actually dated him. 6. "Questions, Anyone?" A. Americans now spend as much on porn as they do going to the movies. B. Male porn stars need to stay hard for at least 45 minutes during a blowjob. C. What gets you on the “no list” are “wood problems,” the “creepy factor,” and other elements....
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