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Christie Hua Film Studies 150PG 5/18/10 RESEARCH PAPER PROPOSAL In this research paper, I will argue that Asians (specifically Asian women) in American pornography today have become hypersexualized as a result of several cultural and historical factors, such as the defeat of Japan to the United States during World War II and the American occupation of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. One example of this is the fact that female Japanese prostitutes such as the “pan-pan” serviced American troops during their occupation of Japan after WWII. The literature I will consult includes historical books relating to the history of Western colonization of Asian countries. I will
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Unformatted text preview: also read journals relating to Asian-American Studies as well as historical analyses of white-asian interracial relationships. Films to be viewed include Full Metal Jacket that have specific scenes (ex. The Me so horny dialogue by the asian prostitute) which are relevant to my argument. Other literature to be consulted include issues of AVN Adult Video News and their pictorial representations of female Asian porn stars, such as Kaylani Lei. By analyzing this material, I hope to reach a definitive conclusion on how Asian women have come to be sexualized in American culture....
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