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Lecture3 - Christie Hua LECTURE 3 ZORA NEALE HURSTON OF...

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Christie Hua 4/6/10 LECTURE 3 – ZORA NEALE HURSTON – “OF MULES AND MEN” I. “the spy-glass of anthropology” a. originally a subject intended for white people b. can’t “go native” II. anthropology (science or study of human beings) III. ethnography (writing of culture) IV. participant-observation I. Langston Hughes – “Droning a drowsy syncopoated tune, rocking back and forth to a mellow croon…” a. Anthropological observation b. Keeps poet’s distance from his character II. Sterling Brown, “Slim in Hell” a. “He flew an’ he flew…. DIS IT IT…” i. not anthropological ii. acting as ventriloquist III. Speakerly text a. “a text whose rhetorical strategy is designed to represent an oral literary tradition, designed to emulate the phonetic, grammatical, and lexical patterns of actual speech and produce the ‘illusion of oral narration.’” – Henry Louis Gates, Jr. IV. “It is the great merit of Miss Hurston’s work that she entered intot he homely
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  • The dozens, drowsy syncopoated tune, white people b., participant-observation Langston Hughes, Indian resists curiosity

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