Lecture8 - 2. hapa = half white, half-Hawaiian III....

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Christie Hua 4/22/10 LECTURE 8 – LOIS ANN YAMAKA I. pidgin: 1. a language containing lexical and other features from two or more languages, characteristically with simplified grammar and a smaller vocabulary than the languages from which it is derived, used for communication between ppl not having a common language; a lingua franca 1. ex. creole --> in Hawaii, there are Portuguese supervisors with Japanese/chinese laborers ex. Speech of pigeons 1. chinese corruption of English “business” 2. cantonese pronunciation of portuguese “ocupacao” (“business”) 3. Hebrew “pidjon” (“exchange” or “trade”) 4. Yayao “pidian” (“people”) 1. contact vernacular 2. often regarded as a “defective version of language” 1. we often look down upon them for inability to speak standard language 2. scientific knowledge assumes linguistic objectivity II. Terms a. kanaka = terms for native tribes in Hawaii 1. Haole = outsiders, white men (anagram of a-hole)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. hapa = half white, half-Hawaiian III. Code-switch a. Hawaiian pidgin 1. California valley girl english 1.--> the pidgin makes the valley girl english sound very artificial and unfamiliar 2. social linguistic term IV. orthography a. um, neva, eva, cho-cho, madda, Portagee 1. to write in pidgin is to write in a language that has no spelling standard V. grammar 1. you can't make any grammatical mistake when you write in pidgin 1. “freedom was free from other people's shit” VI. tattoo VII. “Name Me Is” “I is. .. ain't nobody tell me otherwise” 1. grammatically incorrect (“I am”), “I think; therefore I am” 2. carve each other's names on tree and their backs 1. naïve form of teenagers' love 3. willie joe = illiterate 4. tattooing 5. genre of tattoo 6. body also matters 1. words are tattooed on your body 2. words bear different relation...
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Lecture8 - 2. hapa = half white, half-Hawaiian III....

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