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gravimetric factor is the ratio of the Formula Weight of the s ubstance sought to that of the substance weighed. the gravimetric factor for this experiment was the Nickel and DMG precipitate. if the precipitate is not of definite composition, further reactions could take place to form a more insoluble compound such as adding more ammonia to the precipitating solution. chelate complex is a ny of a class of coordination or
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Unformatted text preview: complex compound consisting of a central metal atom attached to a large molecule, called a ligand, in a cyclic ring structure. the nitrogen from the DMG attaches to a central nickel atom 150 mg of Ni(DMG)2 = 0.15 g Ni(DMG)2 0.15 g Ni(DMG)2 / 288.918 g/mol = 5.19e-4 mol Ni(DMG)2 1 mol Ni(DMG)2 = 1 mol Ni 2+ 5.19e-4 mol Ni 2+ x 58.69 g/mol = 0.0305 g Ni 2+ ion 0.0304 g Ni / 2.000 g sample x 100% = 1.52%...
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