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CIS 103 Operating Systems I The CIS103 course is an introduction to desktop operating systems. The focus is on file, directory, disk management and command line operation. Simple customization, configuration, and batch file techniques are explored. Credits 5 Term Fall 2009 Instructor Doris Dunn 360-679-5315 Office hours: Posted on Blackboard Required Materials: Text: Windows XP Command Line Author: Publisher: ISBN: 1-887902-82-1 Storage media: 3 Floppy disks or 3 ea USB flash drives (Please email me if you do not have a floppy disk drive in your computer or cannot get USB drives) Availability of a computer able to open and modify Microsoft Word documents Availability of a computer with the Windows XP or Vista operating system with full privileges Availability of high speed internet Course Content Booting the system. Command line operations. Use Wildcards (*,?) and the pipe (|), output redirection (>); and input redirection (<) operations. Managing files and disks. The role of configuration files. Navigating files, folders, and disks. Creating simple batch files. Course Objectives After completing this course, the successful student will be able to: explain hardware components and input / output devices explain the purpose and theory of operating systems execute various character based commands manage disks, folders and files create simple batch files explain the role of configuration files restore files and backup a system
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Grading Policies: Your grade for this course is dependent upon successful completion of the following: Homework 40 % Review Quizzes 10 % Discussion Board 05 % Exams 45 % Grading Scale: 90% and above = A 80 to 89.9% = B 70 to 79.9% = C 60 to 69.9% = D under 59.9 5 = E Note: Y OU   CAN   CHECK   YOUR   GRADE   AT   ANY TIME   IN   BLACKBOARD .  N OTIFY   ME   IMMEDIATELY   IF   YOU   FEEL   A   SCORE LISTED   IS   INCORRECT . NOTE: Pass/Fail grading is not an option. Incompletes will not be given in this course. Homework: All homework is submitted in Blackboard. The textbook uses Windows XP Professional as the operating system platform. If you are using another version of Windows (Windows 2000, ME, XP Home, any version of Vista, Windows 7), you will find that sometimes you will not be able to do an activity or there will not be an answer that matches your configuration or the location of an item is in a different place. This is ok - simply answer the question to the best of your ability. If you find a difference in the answers, email me and I will give you credit. If you want to exactly match the textbook, you are welcome to come into the computer lab at the Whidbey Campus, or connect to one of the remote machines set up for this course. You can also obtain and install a legal copy of Windows XP Professional through our Academic Alliance Licensing Agreement with Microsoft. If you are interested in this, contact me. Homework Assignments consist of the “Problem Set I – At the computer” from the
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SYLLABUS103SylF09 - CIS 103 Operating Systems I The CIS103...

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