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146_02 - 4 Create appropriate formulas for Rows 16 through...

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CIS 146 Lab 02 1. Create a workbook named 146XXX02.xls (where XXX are your initials). 2. Enter data as displayed and formatted below (pay attention to decimal places, alignment, color etc.): 3. Complete columns F through I according to the following criteria: Gross Pay is: (number of hours mutiplied by rate) plus (Commission Rate of Sales) State Tax is 2.8% of Gross Pay Fed Tax is 22% of Gross Pay Net Pay is Gross Pay minus the sum of State and Fed Tax. Show all calcualted values in currency with 2 decimal places.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Create appropriate formulas for Rows 16 through 19 for all columns. Be sure cells are formatted correctly. 5. Add conditional formatting to cells I4:I15 so that Net Pay greater than $1,500.00 appears in a bold, blue font color. 6. Rename the Worksheet tab to: PayRoll 7. Be sure to save the file. 8. Zip the file into a file named: 146XXX02.zip (where XXX are your initials) and submit....
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