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Course: CIS 118 W - Computer Hardware: Troubleshooting & Repair Prerequisite: CIS 103 or instructor permission Credits 5 Term: Winter 2010 Textbooks: The Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair, 4 th Edition Cheryl A. Schmidt, Pearson / Addison Wesley Computing ISBN 0-321-51358-4 Additional Tools: PC Repair Toolkit (instructor approved) including an anti-stat wrist strap, minimum 32mb USB flash drive available digital camera Instructor: Doris Dunn Office: Hayes Hall Room 105 Phone: 360-679-5315 Email: doris.dunn@skagit.edu Office Hours: Posted on Blackboard Course Description and Objectives: Introduction to personal computer systems hardware and architectures, which follows CompTIA,’s A+ certification track. This is an industry recognized certification series covering basic computer troubleshooting techniques, repair, upgrading, and terminology. This includes safety, PC architecture, memory, peripherals, upgrade and installation of operating systems, upgrade and installation of hardware components, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques. There is a writing component included in this course. Course Contents PC architecture. Memory Disk Systems. Bus architectures Peripheral devices Installation & Configuration Upgrade options Troubleshooting techniques Safety Effective research strategies Link to Course Details Learning Outcomes After completing this course, the successful student will be able to: Understand basic safety procedures. Understand basic computer terminology and architectures. Understand basic troubleshooting techniques. Isolate and resolve common computer problems to the component level Upgrade personal computer components including hard drives, memory, expansion cards and system boards. Use basic tools for computer repair and maintenance tasks. Engage critical thinking skills in the analysis, isolation and resolution of technical problems. Explore current and emerging technologies, Research compatible components and update software drivers.
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Course Grade will consist of: Grading Scale: Hands-On Exercises & Labs 195 points 252 - 280= A Quizzes 52 points 224 to 251= B Final Exam 33 points 196 to 223 = C Total 280 points possible 168 to 195 = D Below 168 is failing Pass/Fail is not an option. Incompletes are not given Required Equipment: A computer lab is available for you at the Whidbey Island that will provide all necessary hardware and software for completion of this course. You may instead check out a computer from the college to use at your home for this course. You must have an available machine that you can work with that is NOT your primary work computer. This is a hands-on course that will require you to open the computer and work with the components inside. That said, there is ALWAYS a risk to the machine when doing this. If you choose to use your own machine, you must assume all risk to all of the components in the computer. If you would like to check out a computer to use for the class, please
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A+Hardware.CIS118W.Syllabus - Course: Prerequisite: Credits...

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