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Course: CIS 104 – Windows Operating System In Depth Prerequisite: CIS 103 with a “C” grade or better, or instructor permission Term: Winter 2010 Textbook: MCTS Guide To Ms Windows Vista 70-620 Wright & Plesniarski Thomson Course Technology ISBN 1-4188-3726-1 Instructor: Doris Dunn Office: Whidbey Campus, Hayes Hall Room 105 Phone: 360.679.5315 Email: Office Hours: Posted on Blackboard Welcome to CIS 104. This class is a continuation of the Operating System sequence and will highlight advanced desktop operating system concepts including installation, customization, configuration, device drivers, trouble-shooting, memory management, and network client configuration. This course follows content from Microsoft Certification exam 70-620, Configuring Vista. During this course you will learn to install, configure, and manage a typical Vista system. The primary course content is: Install and/or upgrade system/application software. Memory Management: Extended, Conventional, Virtual, etc. Configuration Files. Device drivers. Registry. Virtual Memory. Batch files. Disaster prevention/recovery. Network connectivity. The successful student will be able to: Install and upgrade computer system and application software. Understand memory management concepts. Customize configuration files, manage device drivers, and memory. Customize the environment. Use disk utilities to detect/repair lost allocation units, file fragmentation, etc. Given a reference manual and on-line help, use command line operations appropriately. Configure the system as a network client. Employ critical thinking skills in analysis, isolation, troubleshooting and resolving operating system problems working as an individual or as a diverse team.
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CIS104 DEW Page 2 of 7 Required Equipment: This class requires that you have an available computer running Microsoft ® Windows Vista with an administrative account. This can be provided for you in the following ways: 1. You may use your personal computer with Windows Vista. If you need the Windows Vista Software, please contact me immediately. I will place the software in the Skagit Valley College library for you to check out. You can install this software if you do not currently own Microsoft ® Vista. This is a full legal version and can be obtained and kept on your computer per our licensing agreement with Microsoft (MSDNAA). For more information, go to . Realize that if instructions in the text are not followed precisely, they may damage the installation of the operating system, and may require the operating system be reinstalled and could result in a loss of data. The student must assume responsibility for the recovery of the computer should this occur. 2.
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Syllabus.VISTA - Course: Prerequisite: Term: Textbook:...

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