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HW2 - p.50 Problems 6 11 p.51 Problem 28 p.53 48 p.55...

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PSTAT 120A, Spring 2010, Homework Assignment 2. Due Wednesday April 14 in lecture. No late homework. Reading: Ross Sections 2.2-2.4 (up to and including example 4a), 2.5 (up to and including example 5l) Complete and clear working must be shown to receive credit. A numerical final answer is required in problems where applicable.
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Unformatted text preview: p.50 Problems 6, 11, p.51 Problem 28 p.53 Problems 37, 44, 48 p.55 Theoretical exercises Problem 6. Self test problems (not to be turned in, solutions p.464-465 ) Problems 5,7,8 all p. 56 1...
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