HW6 - 50 inches occurs. What (discrete) distribution do you...

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PSTAT 120A, Spring 2010, Homework Assignment 6. Due Wednesday May 12 in lecture. No late homework. Reading: Ross Sections 5.3-5.4 Complete and clear working must be shown to receive credit. If X U ( a,b ), find E [ X ] and Var( X ). p. 225 Problem 11 p. 225 Problem 13 p. 225 Problem 16 (Hint: Let X =number of years until a year with annual rainfall over
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Unformatted text preview: 50 inches occurs. What (discrete) distribution do you use to model number of trials until first success? What are the parameters for this distribution and how do you calculate them? ) • p. 225 Problem 19 • p. 225 Problem 21 (Hint: Use conditional probability for the second question.) 1...
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