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impact-technology-business - The Impact of Technology on...

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The Impact of Technology on business ______________________________________________ Technology has become a vital part in our world today, its have effect people in today world, for example students, doctors, engineers and also peoples in business. “Technology is the technical means people use to improve their surroundings. It is also knowledge of using tools and machines to do tasks efficiently”.(Bergen County Technical Schools & Special Services, 2005:accessed 7/9/05)We use technology to control the world in which we live. Technology is people normally use knowledge, tools, and systems from technology to make their lives easier and better. Future more business technology had used for helped peoples do their works for along time, it has change rapidly over the last decade and some time new technology require specialist to control and work with. In business world, the major topic that we concern today is about technology, the company that has better technology having advantage over another company, because it can reduce cost, increase production process and used fewer resources, that why each company spent a lot of their money on R&D (research and development), and also using of technology can create some problems for employee for working with technology in their business. For this essay will explain and identify some of the impacts that technology has on business, and also explain the effective using of technology in organization based on literature review, my research and my interview. The definition of technology can be varies meaning, many people thinks of technology is depends on their own perception, know let. To identify some impacts that technology has on business, the real situation is good example for this, Bob Wolff is a president of Freash Eyes, Inc and consulted with more than 500 accounting firms and small business, Wolff state that “The internet has evolved from a scientist’ s fantasy to become the backbone of how global business is run today”. His company had used technology and internet to changed the way doing business, now he can reduce cost of doing a typical client payroll is about $25, which can not do in 30 years or even 15 years ago(Wolff 2005 p.29). The situation that the
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technologies help CEOs to improve the performance of business has happen all the time. Another example shows impact of technology on business is TAD online, Inc. TAD accounting in 2005 was different from 2000 by developing of its technology, now a day TAD’s “employee can work in a virtual environment, where we may not see one another more than once or twice a year” (Gildea 2005, p.20). These are the impact of technology on how to operate business. Overall it can be see that the technology become a vital part in the business, and
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impact-technology-business - The Impact of Technology on...

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