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Zero to Sixty in the Blink of an Eye Just what's going on here? Where did this Internet revolution come from? It seems to have crept up and smacked us right between the eyes. When did all this Internet stuff really begin? How long has it been since those gee-whiz articles about the Internet started popping up everywhere in magazines, newspapers and on TV? When surfing went beyond something that was done outdoors in a bathing suit? Fast forward to today. The Internet is now the central tool of the Information Age. Every company and every industry in the marketplace understands the critical importance of establishing an online presence. Today, business completed over the Internet has become far more lucrative than the combined value of traditional transactions for the oil and steel industries. Internet commerce is growing so quickly that it's plainly only a matter of time before it becomes one of the world's largest economic sectors. The Internet as a full-blown commercial medium has already arrived, and will undoubtedly be the driving force for many aspects of our lives in the 21st century. When Did This All Start? It's simple. Although personal computers and telecommunications ceased to be a novelty in the late 1980s, it was only with the introduction of the first Web browser to the Internet in 1995 that things really began to take off. This new software greatly facilitated access by the average person to the huge volume of available information and services on the World Wide Web. At the same time, advances in hardware were facilitating the marriage of computers, communications systems and multimedia. Bingo - overnight everyone had the capacity to be digitally wired together through combined audio, graphics and video communications services and access to email and information networks On the human landscape, the arrival of the Information Age is best represented by the emergence of Bill Gates as the most successful businessperson in the history of world. Only an Information Age could transform a 19 year-old university dropout obsessed with computer software into a middle-aged adult worth more than 100 billion dollars in less than 25 years. Our Changing World In our old paper-based world, there were approximately 500,000 words in the English language-roughly the number of words that appeared in the largest dictionary. But in the electronic-based world, we have a truer measure of the number of actual words used by people today - about 10 billion words according to author Paul Gilster! Search engines such as AltaVista employ information robots to scan Web sites to
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technology-has-changed-business - Zero to Sixty in the...

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