Dropbox Assignment 8 - QUESTIONS 1 What do you think about...

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QUESTIONS 1. What do you think about privacy for user searches? Is it invasion of privacy or just good business? Does it bother you that companies collect and sell information about you? I can see it from both sides of the issue. For one, it doesn’t matter who is keeping tabs on your searches if your not doing anything wrong, but if it did bother me I would probably look for a search engine that doesn’t store information or deletes it once a day. On that note, Google will now offer encrypted search engines starting in May 2010. Go to Cnet to read the article which has to do with privacy issues and Google. I do think that there has been some good that has came out of police being able to see what criminals have been searching and using that information to help solve cases. As far as companies collecting and selling my information, that doesn’t really bother me because there has always been people collecting information either from surveys or by filling out that questionnaire to win a car or something else big. That information helps business tailor their business to certain individuals and possibly helping improve their bottom line. 2. Will you feel more comfortable being tracked if search data is not name-linked but simply supplied in aggregate form? What about promises by search engine companies to erase identifying information such as your IP address?
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Dropbox Assignment 8 - QUESTIONS 1 What do you think about...

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