161_1_Midterm_2 - field is given by E x =-36cos(40 π...

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EE161 Midterm II N a m e : G r a d e : 1) Using the parallel plate waveguide model to (1) calculate the dimensions of a quarter-wave microstrip line transformer on a 50mil thick Teflon substrate ( ε r=2.05). The transformer is supposed to transform an impedance of 25Ohm to 100Ohm. (2) If the voltage of the wave propagating on this line is 1V, find the surface current density on the top and bottom plates and how much power the wave carries (3) Draw field templates for both E and H field for the dominant mode (4) If the parallel plate waveguide is enclosed with PMC on both sides, does it change the boundary conditions? (5) With the PMC model in (4), determine the highest frequency one can use before a second mode appear?
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2) A TM wave propagating in a dielectric-filled waveguide of unknown permittivity has dimensions a=5cm and b=3cm. If the x-component of its electric
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Unformatted text preview: field is given by E x =-36cos(40 π x)sin(100 π y)sin(2.4 π x 10 10 t-52.9 π z) Determine: (1) the mode number and the cutoff frequency, (2) dielectric constant of the material in the guide (3) the expression for H y (4) the power it carries on this mode (5) other modes which may also propagate (6) how long does it takes if one transmits information from one end of a 100m long waveguide to the other end with all these modes? 3) Draw the field templates for all the magnetic field components of TE 20 mode and TM 12 mode in a rectangular waveguide. If one wishes to insert a thin film of PMC into the waveguide like shown in the following figure, where would he place it without disturbing the original field distribution for either case above? PMC...
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161_1_Midterm_2 - field is given by E x =-36cos(40 π...

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