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1 Design approach for transportation equipment 1. Introduction In general, transportation equipment is used in transportation systems and thus the design requirements for equipment largely depends on the demands from the entire transportation process. The transportation equipment is part of an overall system and the performance of the total system is determined by the individual component performances and the interactions between the various components, forthcoming from the overall transportation process characteristics. Today system theory, systems analysis and operations research techniques are available as key tools for the analysis of overall transportation systems and these tools will contribute to determine the major design parameters for the various equipment types in the systems. Computer simulations will give information about dynamic behaviour and the sensitivity of variables, both for the complete transportation system and detailed sub-systems and equipment. This systems approach will result in an analysis of the total system and the required conditions to fulfil the agreed transportation system performance. Unavoidably there is a general demand to realise required capacities at the lowest possible cost per product unit (service performance) and so a systems approach always demands an estimate of the total investment and the operating cost for the transportation system and components. To determine the requirements for the various system components (handling equipment, vehicles, storage equipment, storage systems, control automation etc.) the following questions are relevant: what time is available for the transportation system; what is the effective production time, when the transportation system is in operation; what is the effective productivity, when the system can really operate. The answers on the above questions, combined with the systems analysis will result in the requirements for each individual systems component (equipment, planning tools, control systems etc.). The next considerations will focus on the design approach for transportation equipment; which activities are required to present a proper design specification from where an equipment manufacturer can start the detailed design and manufacture of the specified transportation equipment. 2. Design requirements for equipment For the design of equipment the following areas of requirements should be considered:
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