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In this acceptance test it must be checked that the

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Unformatted text preview: ality and progress of the work and will check whether the applied materials and components conform with the specifications and the design drawings (quality assurance). The erection plan will be checked with the pending characteristics of the site and for the commissioning an acceptance test plan will be made. In this acceptance test it must be checked that the equipment does fulfil the requirements (technical, operational. user’s interface etc.) Transfer to operations and maintenance department 9 • • After a successful acceptance test, the equipment can be transferred to the operations and maintenance department, including the handover of all relevant operating manuals, maintenance manuals, spare parts list etc. In many cases employees from operations and maintenance are represented in the procurement team and they are keen that the acceptance test is in line with the required characteristics under operating conditions. After sales From the acceptance date until the end of the warranty period the contractor is liable for the quality and proper functioning of the equipment. In this stage there is still an intensive contact between the supplier and the principal’s project team and of course the impact from operations and maintenance which guide the new equipment very careful in the first period of operation. Formal end of the procurement It is recommended to release the original project team of their duties and to assure that al data is transferred to that organisation which is from then responsible for the control of the equipment (either an operations or maintenance department or even an outside contractor). In many cases this is the end of the agreed warranty period. The more attention is paid to a properly described and well communicated procurement process the more successful the introduction of new equipment will be. 10 Appendix Machinerichtlijn • voor werktuigen van kracht sinds 1994 (veiligheid + gezondheid) • opgesteld door Europese Commissie t.b.v. gelijke voorwaarden • geldt voor iedere leverancier (wereldwijd) • leverancier kan zelf verklaring afgeven • risicobeoordeling staat centraal • risico-analyse vereist voorkomen van gesignaleerde gevaren • voldoen aan geharmoniseerde normen is een belangrijk aspect (CEN) • samenstellen technisch dossier (tekeningen, berekeningen, handboeken, risico-analyse, evaluatie, testresultaten • minstens 10 jaar archief, bij schade/letsel overleggen • tijdens gebruik regelmatig keuren/testen (zelf, onafhankelijke instelling) 11...
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