Options elevator equipment for data communication

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Unformatted text preview: ace preparations, coating applications, coating system) • field erection (site, provisions, regulations, maximum loads) • final testing for acceptance (commissioning) • packing and marking (reference codes, mass, packing list) 5. Options • elevator • equipment for data communication • automatic positioning, location control • remote control • maintenance monitoring system 7 • • • tele-diagnostics, tele-service recommended set of spare parts operator’s training program 4. The procurement process The entire process from the first initiative to acquire new equipment until the day the equipment is satisfactorily running into operations may take several years. This is often performed as a project approach with one dedicated team responsible for the whole process. In more detail: • Motive or inducement The motive for the procurement of new equipment can be a new service addition, the expansion of capacity, the replacement of old equipment, a change in handling process, the introduction of automation, the improvement of working conditions for the operator, new requirements for the environment, a decrease in handling cost etc. • Objective After the recognition of the motive the objective with the procurement should be defined: what’s the required capacity, which type of equipment, what’s the company’s philosophy etc. • Feasibility study In this analysis it should be checked whether the assumed equipment concept will be technically feasible, will meet some economic demands, does fulfil societal demands etc. Such a feasibility study may cover the analysis of various proposed concepts and might encompass the impact on the existing operations (required modifications, a process redesign) • Decision on project responsibility In an early stage it should be decided which person or team (with one team manager) will be responsible for the entire procurement process and this person or team must be announced in the company including a brief description of the objective and related responsibilities and authorities. • Draft of the equipment specifications After some fact finding some design concepts must be considered including a basic engineering of each concept. From there the preliminary specifications can be written down, including some general arrangement drawings and a brief description of the required functionality. • Invitation for pre-tendering In this stage preferred suppliers (contractors) are invited to present a proposal for the delivery of the requires equipment. Depending on the local situation and the type of financing it must be decided whether the pre-tendering will be on invitation, will be in public, will be directed only to one preferred supplier or will be directed to a consortium that should present a BOT-arrangement (Build, Operate and Transfer). • Presentation of proposals Based on the presented specifications, the selected tenderers will submit a proposal for the equipment including a description of the major...
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